Diep.io Tanks, Classes, Skins, Features, Upgrades, Levels Diepio

Diep.io Tanks, Classes, Skins, Features, Upgrades, Levels Diepio

Numbers and Features
XX: Basic tank, first start
Machine Gun | 1: Minigun Mode, You fire too much. (15 Level)
Machine Gun+ | 1A: It is bigger minigun. It fire big balls (30 Level)
Destroyer | 1B: It is destroyer and you can kill guys with one shoot (30 Level)
Sniper | 2: Normal Sniper Attacker. You also get zoom. (15 Level)
Assasin | 2B: Bigger sniper, it fire bigger balls. (30 Level)
Overseer | 2A: Triangle Attacker, Triangles follow your mouse and it attacks there (30 Level)
Overlord | 2A+: More Triangles, More Profession (45 Level)
Necromancer | 2A++ it attack with yellow squares. Work like Overlord (45 Level)
Flank Guard 3: 2 way shooter. You can guard your back easily. (15 Level)
Three Flank 3C: 1 front, 2 cross way attack. (30 Level)
Twin Flank 3A-1: double 2 flat way attack. (30 Level)
Four Flank 3A-2: Four cross way attack. (30 Level)
Octotank 3A+: Eight cross way attack. (45 Level)
Triple Twin 3B: 6 shooters. 3 twin shooters symmetrically divided among the tank. (45 Level)
Twin 4: 2 front way attack. You attack more powerful (15 Level)
Triplet Shot 4B: 3 cross way attack. (30 Level)
Triplet 4A: 3 front way attack. (45 Level)
Pentashot 4B+: Like hair but that is awesome attack. (45 Level)

Diep.io Upgrades
1.Health Regen – Increases the amount of health you regenerate. You only regenerate health after haven’t gotten hit for some time.
2.Max Health – Increases your maximum health so you can take more hits.
3.Body Damage – Increases the damage dealt when you ram into an enemy or obstacle with your body.
4.Bullet Speed – Increases the speed at which your bullets fly.
5.Bullet Penetration – Increases the amount of bullets, obstacles, and enemies your bullets can pass through at a time.
6.Bullet Damage – Increases the amount of damage each bullet does.
7.Reload – Increases your firing speed.
8.Movement Speed – Increases how fast you move.


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