Diep.io Play With Friends, Diep.io Party System!

Diep.io Play With Friends, Diep.io Party System!


Diep.io Play With Your Friends!

Diep.io Party System

  • You need to play on team dm or domination mod. It is not working on FFA
  • At the moment there is no copy area. You need to write code with hand to link.
  • Watch our video to get more detail about this.

Party Codes


Diep.io Play With Party Video

With this feature, you can play with your friends easily in same team. But it works only team modes. We are waiting FFA modes or friends vs friends type.

Friends tactic: move with your friends don’t go far. Try to attack with 3-4 friends to dominate all of the game. Don’t forget to name your friends team; [myteam] yourname this give you good

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